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[_] Too much Free Time / Java Developer For Hire / Good cause sought

Alejandro Fernandez ale at
Tue Jun 25 14:52:01 BST 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 14:37:10 +0100
"John Clapham" <john_clapham at> wrote:

> Too much free time!
> Please excuse me breaking netiquette and making an off topic post.  I
> can't stand another month dealing with recruitment agent weasels so I'm
> driven to potentially flame inducing postings in order to address my
> current lack of a job.

I don't think that's off topic! If that was true there would never be a
new topic, and we'd always be writing about how someone in 98 said that
flash is pants... :)

Plus I think quite a lot of people who used to be quite relaxed job-wise
are looking for jobs so it's never been more on topic!

In my experience, volunteer stuff tends to be more people than programming
oriented, however much it might try not to be... Maybe there'd be ads up
at the watershed for that kind of thing, or maybe the bristol thingmy
centre, the one with courses and information in the city centre would give
you some pointers...

Me, unsuccessful so far with UK applications, but I try monster and
jobserve, and they've been useful in the past. Most jobs I've gotten have
come from other sources though: underscore, postings at university job
boards, people doing skill searches for "python", and calling
cool looking companies up on the phone...



Alejandro Fernandez
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