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[_] New Telewest cable TV menu system

mikek mikek at
Wed Jun 19 07:36:00 BST 2002

I make do with cable roulette. I.e. punch the controller 6-8 times in the up
direction and see where you end up. I'm not mad keen on the yellow text on
pale blue background either.
I guess we all need to email tw with complaints. We had a problem last year
and I filled out their response form and sent it six times. Got a phone call
back the following morning - they are hardly going to say they saw 6
identical copies of the same email..

on 19/6/02 8:15, Rick Hurst at rick at wrote:

> I know there was a thread related to this a while ago, but I was wondering if
> anyone knows what (if anything) Telewest intends to do about their new menu
> system (which is so frustratingly slow that sometimes I can't even be
> bothered to change channels and end up having to watch things like "world's
> wildest police videos").

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