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Re(2): [_] New cafe bar on Park St

Jon Hadley jon.hadley at
Tue Jun 18 11:59:00 BST 2002

underscore at writes:
>Went upstairs for dinner last Friday, and whilst the food was good the
>service was all over the place - took ages, forgot to bring the wine,
>gave our bill to the table next door - that sort of thing.

Yeah, much the same as my experience. Indifferent staff, chef ironing his
whites on a nearby table (!), asked (rather rudely) 3 times were we sure
the starter that we sent back wasn't to our liking. etc etc

It's a real shame cos the location and building are outstanding.
>I've heard that the Severnshed is under new management - anybody any
>experiences there?

Never eaten there, but heard good things and I'm dying to see the
hydraulic bar....
>Otherwise Mrs M's favourite place remains Deasons on Whiteladies Road
>(Restaurant du Gourmet as was).

Can't recommend the Red Snapper on Chandos road enough. I'm a huge fish
fan anyway, but the food is outstanding and very reasonably priced.

Bysantium is good too, if a little un-intimate.

Jon Hadley
Aardman Animations

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