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[_] windoze installer problem

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Fri Jun 14 09:53:01 BST 2002

thanks David, I'll give that a try.....

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Hi Ed,

The LBA (Logical Block Addressing) setting refers to the transfer method
that's used to access the drive. It's pretty much the current standard
for drive access and replaces CHS (Cylinder, Head, Sector - sometimes
helpfully called 'Normal') transfer method since they had an upper limit
of 528MB (504MiB)** that was addressable. Nowadays you should steer well
clear of CHS. You might also come across a translation method called
LARGE. This is pretty much an extended version of CHS and is now
considered non-standard.

You can change these setting from your PCs BIOS - in might be worth
having a hunt around for the transfer setting in the BIOS. It's usually
set to auto, but in the past, I've known motherboards to trip up and
pick the wrong setting so it's sometimes worth a shot manually setting
it to LBA. Incidentally, the outcome of it picking the wrong one is a
file system that - as far as Windows is concerned - has bad blocks.

It's then probably worth Fdisk'ing the drive and formatting it manually
from DOS - I never trust the Windows install routine with formatting,
especially Win98 as it feel a little flakey when it does it.

Hope this helps out a bit,


Dave (W)

**This was a stupidly large amount when I had a 20MB drive

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> I have a little problem installing win98 on a machine... I've
> had it before
> and I could'nt solve it last time...
> anyway I have a freash hd in my machine and I put in the boot
> disk and CD
> and switch on... Goto BIOS and search for the new HD and it finds it.
> Boot again and goto setup, scans drive and says that the LBA
> setting for the
> HD is incorrect and will cause problems.... scans drive and
> bad blocks
> appear... although the drive is fine, I've had it in another
> machine....
> so what is the LBA setting????
> cheers in advance
> ed
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