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[_] Color Blindness Site Test

Stephen Roome stephen_roome at
Thu Jun 13 02:11:01 BST 2002

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 02:23:54PM +0100, Iain Harrison wrote:
> On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 12:52:59 PM mac wrote:
> > on 12/06/2002, Wendy Lockwood writ
> WL>> Hi
> WL>> Does anyone know of a site to where you can specify a URL and it shows
> WL>> you what that page would look like to a colour-blind person?
> >
> That seems to ignore style sheets, and does nothing with images, which
> leaves it a bit sub-optimal for my needs. Nice idea, though.

Idea: You could get opera and apply a personal style sheet that ignore
the various distinctions between particular colours, you'd have to
write the css code yourself but it might be more reliable in the long run.

Alternatively someone may have already done it.

The other option is a program that makes windows itself act colorblind ?

> Perhaps having the web page displayed when you start to log out of Windows XP
> would be more effective?

That's soooo annoying isn't it, 20 seconds just to change the
background colour.....