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[_] JS query

mike karthauser mikek at
Wed Jun 12 13:32:00 BST 2002

> if you name the form and use:-
> document.your_form_name.infowin.value

> instead of infowin.value it will work in DOM compliant browsers including
> Netscape 6. It won't work in that broken old Netscape 4.x though ;-)

Yep. Theres life in NS and mozilla now.

> Have you tried using a named div and using macromedias multi-browser "set
> text of layer" function? I used that semi-successfully on
> last year- click on calendar items and it updates
> the text of a scrolling layer - doesnt scroll in NS 4.x though (along with a
> few other "special" NS 4.x bugs!).

I did try this Macromedia code but had mixed success with it. I'd like to
get the iframe code to work ideally as overwise I'm trying to get rid of the
scrollbars on a textarea.
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