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[_] Solution - Was Error deleting File or Folder

Andrew Dubry adubry at
Tue Jun 11 23:17:01 BST 2002

 >firstly the Windows Media Player preview pane in the folder window was
 >keeping the file open

Doh!! I hate that. I have that problem sometimes while MOVING files from 
one drive to another drive. I select about 20 files, and move them all but 
I get the Sharing Violation error, and I always suspected it might be from 
that pesky preview pane! hehe. Oddly enough though it always lets me COPY 
and the delete the file (old fashioned way of moving stuff).

Thanks for posting your solution. I'll remember that Windows Classic folder 
trick next time I need to move lots of files around and have that same 
problem :)...
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