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[_] OT - Shock Horror!!!

Alejandro Fernandez ale at
Tue Jun 11 18:26:06 BST 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 17:11:51 +0100
Tom Gidden <gid at> wrote:

> Hrm.  If it wasn't football it'd be something else.  Humans are 
> aggressive.  We stopped taking out our aggression on buffalo and 

We do however have the capacity to use our anger constructively sometimes.
And sometimes actually letting loose on the root cause of your anger will
stop you from lashing out in these mad ways. I know cos I went for
counselling once after a flatmate of mine got sectioned. The guidance
counsellor specialised in suppressing anger, and was the angriest guy I'd
ever met. I felt more sane than he was... That's the problem with us and
our superior intelligence n that: we get sidetracked and don't know who to
blame anymore, especially not ourselves. A cornered buffalo on the other
hand always knows who to charge into. 

> Some say that the only reason we have war and politics is that we as a 
> species don't understand each other well enough -- as if there's a way 
> we can all be perfectly enlightened.  I'm of the other belief, that if 
> we understood each other perfectly, there'd be a hell of a lot more 
> fighting.  We all have different opinions and sometimes we just 
> fundamentally disagree, and no amount of talking will get us to agree.  
> Life's a bitch and then you're reincarnated.
> Venting our anger/competitiveness with football every four years is 
> better than having a war about it, IMHO.

I agree mostly there, but I do think some of that anger could be better
placed actually dealing with whatever makes people angry in the first
place. People are scared to confront stuff a lot of the time. Not that
that will stop any wars.

I'm still not sure if wars have a purpose or if it would actually be fun
to all sit around and be friends and perfectly enlightened. I think there
wouldn't be much to do, but then again wars are really terrible - entire
nations gone insane... Thanks for bringing up the point... Cool juice for
an afternoon email...

Alejandro Fernandez
Electronic Group Interactive