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[_] SVG on commercial sites?

The North create at
Tue Jun 11 11:59:00 BST 2002

> Thanks,
> I thought the flash headache would present itself if I went down that
> road... I'd much rather be pulling hair out due to some new buzzword
> compliant, free thing than something old, tried and tested, but more 
> of a
> designer's field...
> That sets me more towards svg: I can save as png, or do some king of 
> "alt"
> client side thing so people without the plugin just get prompted for it
> and see generated pngs, but it's aimed at webmasters anyway. Who else
> wants to see web site stats... So they can download a plugin that lets
> them understand their stuff better, or see key information quicker as 
> far
> as I'm concerned, and if they don't it's basic 2d generated pngs...

OTOH, now that Flash MX can draw lines, curves + fills directly to the 
screen with ActionScript, then we'd probably be able to knock something 
up pretty quickly....pull in some external data, crunch it, choose some 
pretty colors and draw whatever you want (provided we could get our 
heads around some basic vector maths, co-ordinates + trig).  You'd need 
the Flash 6 plugin natch.


the North