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[_] Job scene

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Jun 6 18:06:00 BST 2002

take off Creative Digital and add New Media Maze!

BTW, if any of you don't know about this one, there's a good list for new
media jobs over at called UKNM Jobs. It's free for employers
to post to, and there's generally 10 jobs per day which are production
focused. Not sure what proportion are SW based, but I've used it as an
employer with great results.

Dave Smith
Account Director
New Media Maze
The Interactive Marketing Consultancy
Tel: 0117 311 3999
Mob: 07970 516 513

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> On 6/6/2002 5:43 PM, Michael Trim wrote:
> > 1Way Internet went the way of the dojo (sorry dodo) a long time ago
> > too.
> ditto mousepower. i think there's a few more out of date too...

I know, I know! Keep listing 'em and I'll take them off.

...Anyone know any new ones to add?!?! <ahem> ;)

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