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[_] scanner knowledge?

Chris Thurling chris at
Fri Apr 26 17:46:00 BST 2002

I met someone from Konica recently who seemed to know about all this sort of

Try Richard Basham on kwsales at


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From: Stuart Gallemore [mailto:stuart at]
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Subject: [_] scanner knowledge?

Does anyone have any working knowledge of a good choice of scanner?

We need to scan a large number of documents, and possibly on regular 
basis (not the same documents obviously :) ). And time is important. 
These range from small bits of paper to A4 sheets and books.

I am assuming that we would need a scanner with a rather fast scanning 
rate, a sheet feed option for multiple sheets, and also a flat bed for 
things that you just cant sheet feed. + Duplex and the ability to sheet 
feed very small bits of paper.

high res is not so important, but its a bonus.

We are looking at this one:

but know very little except what it says on the page.

So if anyone has any experience here please help.


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