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[_] SEOs - thinking out the set top box - maybe?

Ade Stuart Ade.Stuart at
Tue Apr 23 17:27:00 BST 2002

You know with Sky digital/satellite etc, can the interactive bits on the set
top box be pushed to an ISP of your choice or do you have to go through the
satellite provider?  

Will we see a time when the likes of Sky offer a service where you get
broadband free with Sky? Especially baring in mind that at the moment, your
normal punter will have the choice of £30 on Sky or £30 on Broadband?

I only ask because of the obvious way that the likes of BBC and Merdoc are
pushing everyone towards digital TV.

Will the average Joe Bloggs be pushed away from the 'real' internet, with
the likes of BBC digital, sky sports, music box, MTV etc as there main
destinations, via use of their Set top boxes/tv + computor merge and so end
up with a garden wall scenario...?

Or do you think that as broadband opens then the sites like, Sky
sports, MTV etc will offer there cable services via broadband as pay per

just a thought whilst we were on the subject...


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For the future of search engines, I think only the future will tell.

After all we are making the assumption here that nothing happens to the 

You can consider what the search engines may do - but you still have to 
consider what the public will demand. There is a big difference between 
Google Adds and paying for position - A difference that Google 
acknowledge, and that their current management understand as being an 
important clarification to retain for preventing a loss of their market 


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