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[_] Monday Fun a.k.a "IICRC Certified'' Senior Carpet Inspector Course

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Dear All,
  Whilst on the subject of spam, I don't know how many of you also
received the message below, but it has really put a smile on my face for a
monday morning :)


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Subject: "IICRC Certified'' Senior Carpet Inspector Course

"Your Key To A New Profit Center In Your Business!!"

"IICRC Certified"
Senior Carpet Inspector Course

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dalton, Georgia
April 29-May 4, 2002

Dear Prospective Inspector,

Here it is! What you have been waiting for! The IICRC certified "Senior Carpet Inspector Course" taught in the midst of where the world's largest carpet mills are located. Time is of the essence here, because the class is less than 8 weeks away. If you are now a Professional Carpet Cleaner, Installation Specialist, Retail Carpet Sales Consultant, Restoration Contractor, Manufacturer, or whatever, this course is for you! People just like you in all parts of the United States have become IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspectors and have added handsome profits to their bottom line. Some have even gone on to become very successful full time inspectors!

We look forward to an exciting, fun, and rewarding educational experience because we teach from a field inspector's perspective. Academy 2000 instructors John Carter, Jim Gray, Sherman Guffy, and George Cazares bring a combined industry experience of over 50 years to the classroom, which makes our instructional material come alive. Our belief is that it isn't enough to teach from text, but to combine information presented with real life experiences!

The class is presented in technologically superior Power Point format and digitized video, and includes a vast inventory of 35mm and digital photography. We will show you real life examples of every conceivable carpet mill defect, installation problem, and consumer related issue. This will give you a distinct advantage in the field when faced with identifying the problem, and coming to an accurate conclusion.

Our course will also give you the skills necessary to write your reports in a clear and concise manner. This portion is critical to your success because accurate reports written poorly will doom you to failure! Our report writing handbook is unmatched in the industry to guide the inspector through the process of writing the exceptional report. Jim Gray is renowned in the inspection industry as one of the greatest report writers ever. He will show you a very simple writing format that anyone can master. He will also give you phraseology you can use in your own report writing. We provide each student with a thick book full of real life written reports covering all of the major inspection categories. This writing portion of the course will guarantee your success in becoming a master of writing the report. Combine exceptional writing skills with our unique report writing software that includes the use of a hand held Windows Pocket PC device to gather field information, and you are on your way to becoming the senior inspector in greatest demand! As an added bonus, John Carter and Sherman Guffy will give live demonstrations of "state of the art corrective services" such as sidematch dye corrections, microshearing, pile grafting, roll crush correction, scroop correction, yellowing correction, and much more! These are the type of services that the carpet mills love to have the senior inspector be able to perform! We will show you a new side to the inspection field that makes this business even more exciting!

Last but not least, we will show you how to correctly use the "tools of the trade" to perform accurate field tests. Our hands-on portion will demonstrate all of the following field tests and more: tuft-bind, field delamination, pile reversal, pattern bowing and skewing, seam sealer detection, low/high lines, wear warranty, and much more!! We also will demonstrate how to correctly use 35mm cameras with macro lens/ring flash and digital photography. The reports you generate will be unmatched in the industry!

So don't delay, register today at Make sure you explore the website and link to our Senior Inspector Course Outline and the Instructor Staff. If you have any questions, you may call toll free 800-485-2090, or e-mail at the addresses below.

There are prerequisite courses required to achieve certification for this course, and they will be taught at the same hotel as the Senior Course. The CCT will be held on April 25th and 26th, and the RRT will be held on April 27th and 28th. You also must have five years industry experience (cleaning, installation, manufacturing, retail, etc.)

When you register at the "Chattanooga Cho-Cho Hotel" in Tennessee, make sure you mention "Academy 2000" for the special room rate of $65.00, which also includes a full buffet breakfast. Their phone number is 800-872-2529 and website is

We all look forward to meeting you in Tennessee, and are excited to help you create an exciting new dimension and profit center to your business career! Your success is our success!

Yours truly,

      John Carter
      Jim Gray
      Sherman Guffy
      George Cazares 1.800.485.2090
      Register at

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