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Thu Apr 4 15:08:48 BST 2002

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:42:02 +0100 (BST)
From: Matt Hamilton <matth at>
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Subject: RE: [_] Dreamweaver FTP hassles
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What!? Who runs your server?  Tell them to use NTP to keep
in sync.  You can do the same on your desktop with an NTP
or on
windows the 'net time' command.  Does Windows 2000/XP have
built in NTP
client yet?  I've never understood why windows didn't do
this -- 
unix and
macos come with NTP clients.  On the same note, why can't
set their time automatically?


...beacause that would just be, like, user friendly.
something that mobiles AND microsoft have no clue about.
what i want to know is why when i roll over my windows 2000
clock to bring up the date tab it now appears UNDERNEATH
the task bar, so that i can't read it. very useful....

and why, when i copy arial text from word into outlook it
pastes as half timesnewroman and half arial? text keeps its
font info if i paste into a reply or a plain document, but
pasting into my default stationary (even though that is set
to display only one font) creates a very ugly font/spacing
mixup that i then have to redo within outlook.


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