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[_] Haiku hell

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Tue Oct 30 16:51:41 GMT 2001

My PC Keeps Crash
Ing. Is not set up right or
is just NT toss.

Dave Jenkins <davej at> on 10/30/2001
04:40:55 PM

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I'm really sorry, this thread has gone on too long already, but I can't

>> A file that big?
>> It might be very useful.
>> But now it is gone.
>> The Web site you seek
>> Can not be located but
>> Countless more exist.
>> Chaos reigns within.
>> Reflect, repent, and reboot.
>> Order shall return.
>> Aborted effort:
>> Close all that you have worked on.
>> You ask far too much.
>> Windows NT crashed.
>> I am the Blue Screen of Death.
>> No one hears your screams.
>> Yesterday it worked.
>> Today it is not working.
>> Windows is like that.
>> First snow, then silence.
>> This thousand dollar screen dies
>> So beautifully.
>> With searching comes loss
>> And the presence of absence:
>> My Novel? not found.
>> The Tao that is seen
>> Is not the true Tao until
>> You bring fresh toner.
>> Stay the patient course.
>> Of little worth is your ire.
>> The network is down.
>> A crash reduces
>> Your expensive computer
>> To a simple stone.
>> Three things are certain:
>> Death, taxes, and lost data.
>> Guess which has occurred.
>> You step in the stream,
>> But the water has moved on.
>> This page is not here.
>> Out of memory.
>> We wish to hold the whole sky,
>> But we never will.
>> Having been erased,
>> The document you're seeking
>> Must now be retyped.
>> Serious error.
>> All shortcuts have disappeared.
>> Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

Sorry. Again.

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