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[_] OutLook Questions

> Karl McClelland Karl at
Fri Oct 19 13:01:19 BST 2001

using laptop, logging on to ISP via phone dial up.

no network, just so straightforward/

sick of typing password in - desktop checked every few minutes unattended.


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Hail Richard

On 19 October 2001 at 12:02:10 +0100 (which was 12:02 where I live) Richard
Davey emanated these words of wisdom

RD> IIRC this isn't anything to do with Outlook itself but more to do with
RD> your Windows network settings. I'm very sure that if you have something
RD> like File and Print sharing installed OR "Windows logon" or something
RD> like that - it'll remember your password for you otherwise it forgets
RD> it.

RD> Dave - help me out here! :)

A Question or two.

Do you logon to windows ?

What is your MTA ? eg exchange

If Exchange are you collecting your mail via POP3 or the corporate system?

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