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[_] European domain Registrations - .fr

Steve Woods woodsy at
Fri Oct 12 13:14:00 BST 2001

I have recently been looking into acquiring a domain for myself and
there's no such thing as a reasonable rate; all prices are laid down
centrally by the organisation handling domain name registration admin and
are roughly double the price for one year's registration of 2 years'
registration for a .com in this country. Therefore expect to pay about

In addition some companies offering domain name registration in France go in
for the usual French bureaucratic malarky requiring proof to the nth degree
of address, identity, etc.

Don't know how much use this will be to you, but thought it worthwhile to
pass my experience on.

Steve Woods

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> Is there a local company (preferably) or perhaps someone could
> recommend a domain registration company who can deal with a .fr
> registration at a reasonable rate.....
> Cheers,
>          Clive
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