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[_] Dreamweaver Question

Tim Beadle tim.beadle at
Thu Oct 4 12:05:23 BST 2001


You need two CSS classes - one for mouseover (one
color/background-color), one for normal/mouseout (another

then do:
<a ...class="mouseOutClass"



PS I realise this is the 'real' coding way, not the DW way (which I have
no clue about).

On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 11:30, > Karl McClelland wrote:
> RE: [_] Argh! Mac OS X 10.1 amongst other Mac stuff...this might be a silly
> question but I'll ask it anyway.
> How do you do a plain text mouseover link in dreamweaver ? in the CSS I've
> selected none over decoration but I'd like it to change colour when the
> mouse 'over's it.
> any help appreciated.
> Karl
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