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[_] Skyscrapers in Bristol?

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at
Fri Oct 5 10:52:01 BST 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, David Waters wrote:

> Apparently some guy wants to build a 45 storey office block in the
> center of Bristol according to this story:
> Has anyone else heard anything about this? I know they were planning to
> redevelop the Bristol & West area on the centre and I'm kinda wondering
> if this is the same building, but 45 storeys? Castlemead is only 16 and
> Canary Wharf is 50 - that's gonna be a _very_ big building for Bristol.

 From the article:

  Martin Pease, divisional director of Architects Stride Treglown,
  says It could include 250,000 sq ft of office space, 500 apartments
  and a "sky garden" half-way up the structure.

  He adds it would be wrong if terrorists stopped people building

  Mr Peae says: "I hope we do not take the attitude that it would be
  wrong to build tall buildings now. I think that would be
  cowering to the terrorists.

  "I think we should follow President Bush and Tony Blair's
  lead say and carry on with our lives."

Terrorists stopped people biulding skyscrapers? So the people who object
to huge buildings are now cowards? What about aesthetics, compassion,
and listening to studies on the detrimental psychological effects of
life and work in overly tall buildings? What about just now trying to
scrape every last shilling possible out of each square foot of ground?

Sounds like a moron; don't forget to object to the planning permission
at the usual place.


PS. Typos direct from the article.

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