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[_] Competitive clients

Rob W rob at
Thu Oct 4 18:18:37 BST 2001

I think what the client did was out of order.
You are in the business of web developing so that you can make money, not so
that you can make a better website for one company than another then stop
trying to help that part of the sector.
Major web-design companies might design say a website for boots and
superdrug, but you don't get boots saying "tahts not fair for you to make a
site for superdrug".

As for the backend of the website, its surely a good idea to use the same
idea for more than one site.  It lowered your costs and im sure it would
lower the costs of the client too.  You should offer them the choice for a
brand new custom backend at a price.. and then see if they want you to
change it!

You have not done anything wrong, and I think any company with any sense
would understand that you make don't filter the sites that you make so that
you dont make them for competing companies.

maybe just add "please note that, if requested by another client, be making
a site that may be run the same as the website you offer for a company that
competes with you".  but i dunno - i seems pretty obvious anyway

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> Dear Underscore peeps,
>   We have had a recent incident in which we had a previous client call us
> up upset that we had designed a web site for a competing business.
> Although the web sites were designed quite differently and look very
> different the backend used was the same and hence they have similar
> functionality.  The two companies actually do not compete head to head as
> they are in slightly different fields in the same industry, but have some
> long standing personal grudge against each other.
>   Has anyone else had similar experiences?  The clients in question have
> been calmed down and we can solve this one quite easily, however we are
> aware that it is something we could be burned badly on in the future.
>   We do not intend to produce 'template' sites  and don't deliberately
> solict business from clients competitors, but quite often we find when
> working in one sector we find many more potential clients in the same
> sector (often through referalls by the client themselves).
>   We are wondering about maybe putting some kind of disclaimer in our
> quotes/contracts to try and protect us in the future, perhaps something to
> say that whilst we don't solicit business from a clients competitors you
> can't get upset if we happen to in the future do work for someone you
> don't like.  (yes this needs wording in some way :)
> Any thoughts?  I know many employers have some kind of anti-competing
> clause in their employment contracts, but is there anything ever similar
> applied to agencies?
> -Matt
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