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[_] Dreamweaver Question

Monica Devine mdevine at
Thu Oct 4 16:20:30 BST 2001

 From the Macromedia site: "Dynamic Style HTML can be used to change the
color of text based on mouse interaction. In this example a line of text
will graphically change, activated by whether the mouse is over the text or
not. The following code will affect the line of text, "The Itchy and
Scratchy Show". The color will dynamically change, based on user

<FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial, Times" SIZE="2" COLOR="#00BB00"
onmouseover="'#FF0000'" onmouseout="
='#00BB00'">The Itchy and Scratchy Show</FONT>
This will make the text, "The Itchy and Scratchy Show" green, and when the
mouse rolls over it, the text will turn red. When the mouse leaves the
text, it will return to the original green. 

If it is desired to make the text a hyperlink, the <A HREF> tags must be
placed outside the <FONT> tags. Otherwise, the styles will break and the
browser won't render the effect as expected. 


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On 10/4/2001 at 11:30 AM > Karl McClelland wrote:

>RE: [_] Argh! Mac OS X 10.1 amongst other Mac stuff...this might be a
>question but I'll ask it anyway.
>How do you do a plain text mouseover link in dreamweaver ? in the CSS I've
>selected none over decoration but I'd like it to change colour when the
>mouse 'over's it.
>any help appreciated.
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