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[_] SQL datatype problem

Jon Waring Jon at
Tue Oct 2 13:35:51 BST 2001

Using SQL server 2000.
I believe that text is the right data type, but I will investigate
alternative methods for adding the data.
Thanks, much appreciated.
Jon Waring
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On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Jon Waring wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm new - can you help ?
> When I try to put a string of more than 8,000 characters into my SQL
> table I get the error 'stringdata, right truncation'
> I am using an ado command object with a stored proceedure through ODBC.
> The data type in both the stored procedure and destination table are set
> text.

You don't say which SQL server you are using, but some of them require you
to qualify the size of a text field eg. text(20000) or may have different
types for large text eg. largetext.  Some may also have different
methods for accessing large text fields or BLOBs such as getChunk().  If
looks like the error is telling you that you are trying to feed it too
much text for that data type and that it is truncating it as a results.


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