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[_] FWD> Microsoft Will Abandon Controversial Smart Tags

Peter Marshall peter at
Fri Jun 29 16:05:26 BST 2001

Apart from everybody's mate Mr Torvald - is there anyone else out there
doing it for the love of it?  Bill Gates may be out for world domination but
he doesn't get on my wick as much as Larry Ellison.  

Talking of which, looking forward to the IBM/Oracle scrap that's building


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> Yet it's a mistake they make over and over again. One would THINK they'd 
> eventually catch on...

They *would* catch on *if* their prime motivation actually was 'improved
user experience' (or whatever marketing-bollox they spout forth), rather
than $Profit$.  They will keep pushing their luck in the hope that
they'll get some of it past the public/the DoJ and make huge bucks in
the process. Bill Gates is already the richest man in the world, and
really ought to chill out a bit.

'If money's what you love, that's what you'll get' (Princess Leia to Han
Solo in Empire Strikes Back - I think!)

'The love of money is the root of all evil' (St. Paul). Theory now
proven by M$...


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