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Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Jun 29 16:01:36 BST 2001

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Clive Warren wrote:

> Should be up on the [_] web site when Matt and I get a chance to sort
> a few pages.

OK, with all the talk about online communities and knowledge and content
management, I have decided to 'walk-the-talk' in regards to removing
myself as the bottleneck to getting data on the Underscore web site :)

Go take a look at:  This is a pretty-much
out-of-the-box product for Zope called the Content Management Framework
(CMF).  What you will see may not be very pretty, but at least it works :)
I have never used this particular product with Zope, so I am learning as I
go along, and thought that those of you interested may want to tag along
for the ride!

The idea is that anyone can join the site and can then upload pages/files
to their member area, that can be visible by all.  This process is
currently moderated (Any volunteers for moderators? Clive? :) and so
someone will have to OK any submissions.

I want to try and grow this site with the help of the Underscore
community, any suggestions (esp. anyone interested in re-skinning the site
to make it look nicer) let me know.


PS. My slides from last night are on the site

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