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[_] FWD> Microsoft Will Abandon Controversial Smart Tags

Christine Tlougan kat at
Fri Jun 29 14:28:47 BST 2001

The whole thing makes me wonder- has Micro$oft never heard of focus groups?

Would sure save them (and especially their programmers) a heck of a lot of 
time if they'd look for a little "external feedback" during the planning 
staages rather than waiting until after they announce and having to backpedal.

How the heck does a company that makes such fundamental mistakes manage to 
become a monopoly, anyway??


At 01:04 PM 6/29/01 +0100, you wrote:
>On 29 Jun 2001 04:26:10 -0700, grace wrote:
> > someone mentioned MS 'smart tags' at last night's
> > meeting -
> >
> > here's the latest:
> >
> >
>Thanks for that...
>There's some more on El Reg as well:

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