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[_] Re: Content Management - Macromedia CF and Spectra

Craig craig at
Wed Jun 27 21:56:54 BST 2001


I've worked on a project using CF and spectra as a content management
system, I think the big one to bear in mind here is cost at $1,200 for a CF
single site licence and $15,000 for Spectra (pricing from Allaire site
27/06/2001), it will probably bust the budget for all but the largest
projects, and thats just the software,....opp's Spectra sits on top of a
RDBMS so if you haven't got one add that to the list as well. Probably
cheaper to look for an alternative system or write one yourself.

In addition, it's not quite as 'out of the box' as they would like you to

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