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[_] DNS hosting/redirection

Christine Tlougan kat at
Tue Jun 26 19:09:20 BST 2001

Try contacting Brian Woodruff (woody at; his company handles 
this sort of thing, and is quite reasonably priced.


At 10:05 AM 6/26/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a problem with a domain I registered through
>Freeparking (ironically on a recommendation on this
>list a year or so ago). They are now based in the
>states and their email servers have given up
>forwarding emails sent to the addresses I registered.
>So I need to transfer the name to another ISP fairly
>I need email-forwarding and web-forwarding to the site
>proper (on Tripod). Can anyone recommend a reliable
>and inexpensive host - perhaps with a modest one-off
>Steve Parry

Christine Tlougan
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