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[_] Creating results ASP pages using Ultradev 4

Christine Tlougan kat at
Tue Jun 26 19:07:23 BST 2001

I haven't done it myself, but the Ultradev seminar I was at a few months 
ago included them creating a  stats page of/for the data, so I'm assuming 
UltraDev can do the work for you.

Have you tried the UltraDev Exchange? 
; their exchange sites are usually quite good.


At 05:59 PM 6/26/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I have a survey form which sits on the net with 35 questions made in
>Ultradev 4 that writes to a database in Microsoft Access.The database is
>made up of 35 columns that the form writes to (one for each answer to each
>I want to set up a statistics page, available to members of staff to view
>the results of the survey. This page would show totals as calculations
>(percentages, etc.)
>Firstly, can anyone suggest a a good way to set this up? Can Ultradev do all
>the work, or do I have to set up SQL queries (I am a designer, not a
>programmer), and related tables etc in Microsoft Access?
>Secondly, I have various 'formulas' that were previously used in Microsoft
>Excel to generate results (we used to import the survey results as a spread
>text file). As Excel and ASP are Microsoft technologies, is it possible to
>use Excel formulas within my ASP pages?
>Thanks for any help you can give.
>Kind regards,
>Jenny Hughes

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