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[_] Creating results ASP pages using Ultradev 4

Jenny Hughes jenny at
Tue Jun 26 17:59:59 BST 2001

I have a survey form which sits on the net with 35 questions made in
Ultradev 4 that writes to a database in Microsoft Access.The database is
made up of 35 columns that the form writes to (one for each answer to each

I want to set up a statistics page, available to members of staff to view
the results of the survey. This page would show totals as calculations
(percentages, etc.)

Firstly, can anyone suggest a a good way to set this up? Can Ultradev do all
the work, or do I have to set up SQL queries (I am a designer, not a
programmer), and related tables etc in Microsoft Access?

Secondly, I have various 'formulas' that were previously used in Microsoft
Excel to generate results (we used to import the survey results as a spread
text file). As Excel and ASP are Microsoft technologies, is it possible to
use Excel formulas within my ASP pages?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Kind regards,
Jenny Hughes

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