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[_] Chat solutions using mySQL?

Tom Gidden gid at
Mon Jun 25 10:30:21 BST 2001

On Monday, June 25, 2001, at 10:18  am, Nick Ingram wrote:

> Oh -OK - In that case it's rubbish that between us all we can't find a 
> way
> round a company or other "agent" owning perpetual rights to your or 
> anyone
> elses objects and work.

This one's a bit different.  It was a project paid for by the client, 
but partially owned by me, I think.  Unfortunately, now the liquidators 
are involved, so I'm seeing that project as tainted until the client is 
dead and buried.


I think I *should* own the project, considering I lost 10 grand in the 
liquidation process and almost went under myself.  However, it's still 
an asset of the liquidating company, I guess.

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