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[_] Chat solutions using mySQL?

Nick Ingram n.ingram at
Mon Jun 25 10:18:59 BST 2001

Oh -OK - In that case it's rubbish that between us all we can't find a way
round a company or other "agent" owning perpetual rights to your or anyone
elses objects and work.

Aside from potentially lawsuit-imbibing anonymous code-passing the only
thing we can do is say - that's mine/ours, we may want to re-use bit's of it
from time to time - you can licence it from me - but who would employ anyone
under those conditions?

Well, all of my clients do now. I know someone who spent a lot of money
keeping one of the top Beaks in Bristiol busy with an IP agrgument to gain
that right with the client - another firm of Eagles.

Nick - sorry don't mean to press this - must be hung over.