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[_] Mobile Device Overload...

David Waters d.waters at
Mon Jun 25 10:11:46 BST 2001

Anyone else on the list have the problem of too many small gadgets to
carry around?

I have a phone, PDA and Gameboy Advance that now do the rounds with me.
Apart from making me feel like a walking Dixons, they are also becoming
a bit of a pain to carry around and I find I usually leave them at home,
hence making their mobile attributes redundant. Stuff like Walkmans are
fine to carry around; cheap, designed for portability, no large screens
to break, but newer devices have larger displays, are more expensive and
are much more difficult to protect. 

Does anyone know of any purpose-built bags that have a lot of small,
padded pockets? I'm thinking that bags suited to photography equipment
might have the kind of protection that I'm looking for.

Any ideas?


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