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[_] Chat solutions using mySQL?

uk label lewis at
Fri Jun 22 12:03:38 BST 2001

RE: [_] Chat solutions using mySQL?I totally believe in open source code.
All the flash stuff I work on for uk label I just give away without thinking of it...
Finders Keepers game took about 3 weeks to code... just to give it away...
I don't ask for any recognition and people are happy to copy code, graphics whatever...

...I'm such a generous person :-)

Anyone on this list got their GameBoy Advance already?

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    It does seem a bit weird that peeps are unprepared to share code in a defiantly agressive way! Someone must be under pressure, and you can't have that script I stole/borrowed/invented/blagged/shared until now, it's mine I tell you, all mine... hahahahahhhhhahahahahhhaaahah. Bloody mad scientists!

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