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[_] Chat solutions using mySQL?

Matt Hamilton matth at
Thu Jun 21 16:04:19 BST 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Clive Warren wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion Dave.  Perhaps I should have added that it
> should be a stand alone application for an internal Intranet -
> probably using PHP to interact with the mySQL database.

I presume that when you say you want it to interact with a database, you
are looking to log the conversation in some way to provide some kind of
archive?  Are people going to be chatting real-time with one-line answers,
or are you looking for more of a weblog type thing in which discussions
take place over time and in which people write several line/paragraph

If it is just real-time one-line answer chat then, as Dave said, the
connection nature is going to be important.  And perhaps an IRC client
would be the best.  You could have a Java Applet that talks to an IRC
server (possibly an internal private one just for your intranet), or just
communicates with a simple servlet that relays the typed data back to each
client.  You would not even need a database for this as the conversation
would probably be fast flowing and not need any history kept (or get the
servlet just to append the conversation to a file).

If you want a weblog-type thing then yes PHP with mySQL would be the
better approach.


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