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Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Jun 8 12:40:13 BST 2001

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Matt Hamilton wrote:

> I rekon that between the lot of us, we can cover most (if not all) of the
> browsers.  Perhaps we should setup some kind of site/forum on which people
> can submit a URL to a piece of work they are working on.  Volunteers can
> then be notified of when a new URL is added and take a look at it in their
> browser and write comments back on the web site as to if anything is
> broken (and perhaps hints on fixes).  We would have to make sure that
> people remain unbiased and don't start commenting on style and quality
> which perhaps may cause offence to the original author.

I'm not sure how you would handle confidentiality.  I am guessing that
design agencies (and their clients) might not be too happy in letting
other people see the sites before they are launched.  But then again they
are going to see them anyway at some point, so perhaps it is a moot point.

I am wondering how this would actually take shape.  What features would
be needed.  Do you think people would want to actually see screen captures
of the sites uploaded by the testers.  Would the testers have the time to
take screenshots and upload them anyway?  Or would just textual comments
suffice?  I guess some timeline/versioning would be needed such that you
would be able to track when a tester viewed a site, and when the comments
were made... otherwise you might end up wasting effort as testers might
make a comment regarding a bug that has already been fixed.

We could also integrate tools into the site such as dead link checkers and
validators and stuff like that.


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