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[_] Friday Fun

Rick Hurst rick at
Fri Jun 8 18:14:21 BST 2001

We could even wind each other up by pretending things dont work when really
they do!

(Hang on- Note to self: .... what on earth are you on about? ..I think you
should go for lunch now .. but it is friday so I think you'll get away with

> I rekon that between the lot of us, we can cover most (if not all) of the
> browsers.  Perhaps we should setup some kind of site/forum on which people
> can submit a URL to a piece of work they are working on.  Volunteers can
> then be notified of when a new URL is added and take a look at it in their
> browser and write comments back on the web site as to if anything is
> broken (and perhaps hints on fixes).  We would have to make sure that
> people remain unbiased and don't start commenting on style and quality
> which perhaps may cause offence to the original author.