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[_] Friday Fun

Nick Ingram n.ingram at
Fri Jun 8 11:27:36 BST 2001


Hmm - i've got to admit it I sort of approve of it -
On the *other* hand,


Nicely, squarely, on the middle of the fence - I mean considered, balanced
view there mate! ;) The marketing shots are great though, nice "guy with
camera with big lens" action - as someone pointed out earlier. Maybe your
company who remain nameless could buy it and mark it up by 200% or so for
each use? For certain clients that you may well be able to think of, they
are never ever going to trust that app. They will need consultative
research, and suggestions for improvements, for which they will happily pay
a senior production bod and consultant for two days - which is a scary
£3,000 plus at anyone's rates.

Maybe the product is pre-empting the site that's been built internally, low
budget, low impact, low profile, low rider..... rides a little higher.

It is Friday.