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Matt Hamilton matth at
Mon Jun 4 15:16:22 BST 2001

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Clive Warren wrote:

> Right - we need two more standups.  Standups are bought beer by the 
> audience - this will be monitored a little more closely this time as 
> one speaker bought the audience a round of beers at the last meeting 
> :-)

> Zope and the world of dynamic content management

OK, then twist my arm :) I'm willing to do a talk on Zope and content
management in general, why it is a good thing, and why every web developer
should be doing it as it will speed up their development process
lots.  I'll even try and not turn up sweaty, late and out of breath this
time :)  If we can get a VGA projector then I can bring a laptop down and
do a bit of a Zope demo as well.


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