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Joanne Pritchard jpritchard at
Fri Jun 1 16:11:52 BST 2001

Clive - are you still around?

I have been trying to email you but they keep being returned!

still on for the meeting - look forward to hearing from you with a date etc 

anyone got any particular areas they would like covered - let me know


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At 11:38 am +0100 12/5/01, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>It's time for another one. Different speakers, more beer.


Yes, how true!

We have one standup lined up:

Joanne Pritchard - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Joanne has a lot of expertise in this area and has kindly offered a 
number of alternatives as it is a large area to cover. A regular 15 
min standup, one complete meeting on IPR, an over view 15 min standup.

My preference is for a few 15 min slots starting with an overview.

IPR relates to all sorts of new media issues, eg who owns that wizzy 
new dynamic front end you have just developed, the database structure 
and that flash <g> interface?  How meaningful and legally binding is 
your client contract when it refers to value added and IPR issues?

Right - we need two more standups.  Standups are bought beer by the 
audience - this will be monitored a little more closely this time as 
one speaker bought the audience a round of beers at the last meeting 

Subject Suggestions:

Zope and the world of dynamic content management
Community building - (hello Sift)
Review of domain name game - eg domains outside ICAN
Video on the web
Use of scripts to manage images - slide shows, Epostcards, etc Review 
of those available.
All the best,

                      Photographic Services, Filters and Equipment, Infrared

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