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[_] Zope - mySQL or PostgreSQL, etc. Content Management

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at
Fri Apr 13 10:36:41 BST 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Clive Warren wrote:

> Interesting to read the threads on Content Management Systems. Zope
> is something which I have considered from time to time, however have
> been waiting for it to achieve "critical mass" - maybe this has
> happened already.
> Popping over to the latest news has an article on  "The Zope
> Content Management Framework hit 1.0, but considering the brokenness
> I see on, I think I'll wait for 1.1."
> Comments anyone?

Just had a look at Zope with both of these recently. Postgres still has
(by default) an 8K row limit; waiting on 7.1 for that to go away - this
is likely to cause problems with web-based content control, I 'spose.

Also there are three Zope/postgres adaptors, and I'm not very convinced
by any of them. MySQL support in Zope seems much more polished.

I'm also highly dubious about Zope's role-based security. It feels a bit
like sendmail to me* - evolved rather than designed; no guarantees of


* in a bizarre "history of obscure security problems" kinda way

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