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[_] Favicon.ico

Kathleen Misson kmisson at
Wed Apr 11 16:52:55 BST 2001

It needs to be .ico format.

Go to and get yourself a copy of microangelo software.  You can
turn a gif into a .ico graphic.

Thanks to andy for sending me this link <> It answered
my previous question:

Q. >> All I want to know is whether to use a path to the icon in my

A. >> Change the name of the favicon from the default favicon.ico to
something else. Then add or update the link tag in the section of your html
Remember, if you do not add this to your head tag, Internet Explorer will
look for favicon.ico (all lowercase).


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Sorry missed the earlier bit on this - what format does this ICO image have
to be in?


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I can imagine this cute little icon would make all you techies shudder with
disgust but if anyone knows how to do this..

All I want to know is whether to use a path to the icon in my document?

There seems to be two methods of achieving this:

1. Stick the iddy biddy icon in *every* directory.
2. Stick it in the root directory and stick this bit of code in all of your
documents: LINK REL='SHORTCUT ICON' href='/path/foo.ico'

I have gone for the former because it's easier.  Sometimes the icon appears
in the location bar and sometimes it doesn't.  Anyone have any ideas?


Kathleen Misson

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