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[_] Naive xml question?

Bob HughesBob at
Wed Apr 11 14:52:46 BST 2001

Tim Brayshaw 11/4/01 12:23 pm tim at sez:

>works okay locally over the "file:" protocol on my old mac as well...
>*doesn't* work okay if you have "show style sheets" unchecked in ie prefs :)
>have a look at: Edit > Preferences > Web Content
>btw when i have "show style sheets" unchecked i don't get a collapsible xml 
>tree displayed (mac), i just get the content of the <title> and the <text> 
>tags. *But* if i hide the .css file (in the trash!) i *do* get a xml tree 
>displayed - which seems to be similar to the experience you were having. 
>i'd suggest double double checking the filename of the .css file?

I'm flummoxed. I've triple-checked everything and still no luck. Many 
thanks for your efforts though. At least I now know that it _should_ work.

I wonder whether this is a clue: as the document loads, the status line 
fleetingly reports that it's opening an image. There's no image reference 
in the doc of course. 

Whatever ... I'll try reinstalling IE in case something's corrupted.

Thanks again for your help.


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