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[_] Mac/Netscape Beta Testers Please

Tom Gidden gid at
Mon Apr 9 12:56:31 BST 2001

I find that for most sites, even small ones, it's usually worth just
hacking up some sort of content management system -- either online
(ideal) or offline.

If the ISP doesn't support it, an offline system should be used.  This can
be done pretty well now using XML/XSLT or with proprietary systems.  Flat
HTML is generated, and then this HTML is then uploaded to the live site,
but _never_ edited.  The source files are then edited easily by the client
in a generic way.

That way, they don't infect the 'clean' HTML template.

If that's too much of a headache, at least code up a simple Perl script,
or even use one of the off-the-shelf shareware templating tools.


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