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[_] Mac/Netscape Beta Testers Please

Matt Hamilton matth at
Mon Apr 9 12:16:34 BST 2001

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, mike karthauser wrote:

> > There are many smart publishing systems out there for designers to
> > use, I am surprised that so many still just use flat HTML files.  A little
> > investment in learning them can save so much time when implementing a
> > large site.
> What do you recommend?

I tried to keep my Zope evangalism out of the last email :) However since
you asked, I would recommend Zope.  However there a a miriad of others out
there, both commercial and open source such as Enhydra or Story Board --
take your pick.  One of the main problems is finding a hosting provider
that can host these for you, but the more flexible ones should help... or
get a dedicated or co-located server.


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