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[_] Java starter suggestions?

Clive Warren Clive.Warren at
Mon Apr 9 09:40:22 BST 2001

At 11:34 am -0500 6/4/01, Christine Tlougan wrote:
>any suggestions on a good book/online source that will help me pick up Java
>relatively quickly? I don't have much formal programming background (very
>basic Perl, and enough ASP & Cold Fusion knowledge to do serious
>modifications to existing code but probably not write good stuff from
>scratch). I know Java isn't necessarily the best "starter"- but I'm kinda
>stuck with it. :P
>Any help/suggestions appreciated!
>Christine Tlougan
>kat at
>phone: (952) 847-9270
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You may find the D. Flanagan "Java in a Nutshell" book useful once 
you get started.  It is another classic O'Reilly desktop quick 
reference book which you will probably find more useful than trawling 
through those door stop books once you have the basic idea of Java.

ISBN 1-56592-183-6

Good luck!
All the best,

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