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[_] Underscore meeting?

Clive Warren Clive.Warren at
Mon Apr 9 09:29:03 BST 2001

>Clive Warren <Clive.Warren at> writes:
>>  At 1:45 pm +0100 6/4/01, Matt Hamilton wrote:
>>  >
>>  >On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Kathleen Misson wrote:
>>  >
>>  >>  Can someone do a stand up on http headers *please*?  This is 
>>now keeping me
>>  >>  awake at nights.  Or maybe it's these bizarre things on the 
>>Internet that
>>  >>  people keep sending me...
>>  >
>>  >I don't mind doing a standup on http headers.  Do you want to mail me any
>>  >specific questions you want answered or general direction you want me to
>>  >try and go in?
>>  >
>>  >-Matt
>>  Right, so we have:
>>  Laurie Monk - on site stats   (would be good to have opposing views ie
>>  another standup?)
>*ahem* that was MY talk!
>Dave Hodgkinson,                   
>Editor-in-chief, The Highway Star 
>	  Interim CTO, web server farms, technical strategy
>	       ----------------------------------------


Whoops!  No problem - we can have four talks or you can liaise with 
Laurie on the site stats talk and do it jointly?

Please EMail me off the list or give me a bell on 0585 706699 if you 
want to chat about it :-)

Will be busy this afternoon but available this morning (Monday).


All the best,

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