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[_] Mac/Netscape Beta Testers Please

Clive Warren Clive.Warren at
Fri Apr 6 15:56:46 BST 2001

At 2:32 pm +0100 6/4/01, mike karthauser wrote:
>I am having a bit of a mare with a dreamweaver template that I cannot get to
>display correctly in NS4.77 on MacOs 8.6 (a.k.a. my default test browser).
>The page works fine in
>NS6 (pc/mac)
>IE5/5.5/6 (pc/mac)
>iCab (Mac)
>but not my NS4.77.
>If anyone is running the above can have a look at
> for me. The
>template is so painfully simple that I have no idea why it doesn't render.
>Any ideas?
>much appreciated..
>Mike Karthauser - email:mikek at - phone:07939 252144
>brightstorm - curiously online -


Don't have the time to have a proper look, however it is consistently 
broken ie doesn't render on NS4.7 on MacOS 8.6 here either....
All the best,

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