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[_] Underscore meeting?

> Karl McClelland Karl at
Fri Apr 6 14:02:48 BST 2001

Kathleen, where on earth did you find that weird link ?


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19th April sounds good.  I'm happy to gabble on about Internet Marketing in
general if anyone wants to listen.

Can someone do a stand up on http headers *please*?  This is now keeping me
awake at nights.  Or maybe it's these bizarre things on the Internet that
people keep sending me...


Kathleen Misson

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Clive postulated Thursday 19 April as a possible date for a
meeting. Any advance on that?

Anyone want to do another standup (search engine submission perhaps)?

Dave Hodgkinson,                   
Editor-in-chief, The Highway Star 
          Interim CTO, web server farms, technical strategy

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