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[_] DELIVERY FAILURE: A Virus may have been detected. (fwd)

Matt Hamilton matth at
Wed Apr 4 11:56:21 BST 2001

  I have just received the message below indicating that someone on the
list has a virus going through their mailbox.  Since many of these new
email viruses work by scanning your MS Outlook inbox and/or observe data
flowing to/from your computer looking for mail addresses, I suggest anyone
running Outlook should do a virus scan.


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Date: 4 Apr 2001 11:46:52 +0000
From: MAILsweeper at
To: underscore-admin at
Subject: DELIVERY FAILURE: A Virus may have been detected.

A mail message has been found containing a potential virus.

Please be aware that the message you sent (details below) was NOT delivered to the recipient(s) within TMP Worldwide due to the fact that it contains phrases found in several common viruses. We would recommend that the message be deleted.

If you need this message to go through and are *SURE* it contains no virus, please contact the TMP IT HelpDesk on +44(0)20-7439-5836 with your details and the details below.

The message details are as follows:

Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 11:36:37 +0100   Subject: Re: [_] RE: +AFsAXwBd- Cache-Control

cendicott at

Note: Below are some of the phrases that may have been present:
Important message from
Here Is that document you asked for
Don't Show anyone else
Fwd: Workbook from and Fred Cohen
Urgent info inside
Disregard Macro Warning
Mad Cow Joke
Trust No One
Fun and Games from
Here is a list of places where you can obtain Free Music
I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP
Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs
We are pleased to forward this e-mail notification
To claim you gift certificate
Free Money
Look, we don't want to waste your time
You could really retire in 2 - 3 years!
DISREGARD the virus protection warning
$1,000 A Week with NO SELLING!!
Have you ever received mail order
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